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Lorica plumata

horto 21/02/2017

While several types of loricae (armor) existed in the Roman legion, the lorica plumata was reserved for the use of military leaders (Tribunes and above, but typically Generals) due to the high cost of production, and maintenance. The name the Romans used for this type of armor is not known, lorica plumata being a descriptive term applied by modern scholars, referring to its resemblance to a bird’s plumage. Illustration of Lorica Plumata after ancient monument[1]… Lorica plumata

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Adziogol Lighthouse

horto 20/02/2017

This article is about Stanislav Range Rear Light. For a neighboring hyperbolic structure, see Stanislav Range Front Light. Adziogol Lighthouse Stanislaus-Adzhyholskyy Range Rear Adziogol Lighthouse, 1911 Kherson Oblast Location Kherson Oblast Ukraine Coordinates 46°29′32.54″N 32°13′57.35″E / 46.4923722°N 32.2325972°E / 46.4923722; 32.2325972Coordinates: 46°29′32.54″N 32°13′57.35″E / 46.4923722°N 32.2325972°E / 46.4923722; 32.2325972 Year first constructed 1911 Foundation concrete basement Construction skeletal steel Tower shape circular hyperboloid tower with central cylinder, double balcony and lantern Markings / pattern red… Adziogol Lighthouse

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List of compositions by Franz Benda

horto 20/02/2017

Works by the Bohemian composer Franz Benda (1709-1786). They are classified by “L” numbers according to the catalogue of Douglas A. Lee. Contents 1 Symphonies 2 Concertos 3 Sonatas for instrument & basso continuo 4 Trio sonatas 5 Duets for 2 violins 6 Solo violin pieces 7 Miscellaneous works Symphonies[edit] L I:1 \ Symphony No. 1 in C major L I:2 \ Symphony No. 2 in C major L I:3 \ Symphony No. 3 in… List of compositions by Franz Benda

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La Victoria de Acentejo

horto 19/02/2017

La Victoria de Acentejo Municipality Coat of arms Municipal location in Tenerife La Victoria de Acentejo Location in Canary Islands Coordinates: 28°26′N 16°28′W / 28.433°N 16.467°W / 28.433; -16.467Coordinates: 28°26′N 16°28′W / 28.433°N 16.467°W / 28.433; -16.467 Country  Spain Autonomous Region Canary Islands Province Santa Cruz de Tenerife Island Tenerife Government  • Mayor José Fermín Correa Martín (Partido Popular) Area[1]  • Total 18.36 km2 (7.09 sq mi) Population (2013)[2]  • Total 9,069  • Density 490/km2 (1,300/sq mi) Time zone GMT (UTC+0) Climate Csa… La Victoria de Acentejo

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